This is the a portion of the rear garden.  After two speedy lawn tractors took an hour to do a semi-ok job mowing the lawn, I knew we had too much grass to look after. I could hire a groundskeeper to tend the green stuff alone its so vast.

While jostling this fact in my mind, I came up with a plan. Try out that new to us 6 ft ground tiller on the tractor, till up those poplar saplings that are popping up and spreading like wildfire, till up a portion of the good grass too and …….. sow several kilograms of red and white clover seeds.

Good plan! Except I didn’t realise that those pine trees (SPF) would have roots sticking up into the garden just below the surface. Roots thicker than my forearm, natch.

The tiller took strain, bouncing around and making bad noises until it broke off one of the anchoring pins. Doh. Find a replacement, replace, test – good to go!

In true resolute stubborn headspace mode, I wanted to put this 55 year old JD tractor to the test and the equipment at the same time. Well, it worked a treat. There are lots of broken roots lying around, the clover is sprouting in the tens of thousands, and the tractor and tiller seem ready for the next test. I’ll keep an eye on that seal of the PTO tho 😉

This pic is of the tractor about to till some poplar saplings. I think this rear portion of the grassed garden is big enough to build a tennis court on. Probably bigger….


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