A big day of… work

A lot of what we do around here, are things we’ve never done before. No role models, no friendly uncle Sam or aunt Ruth show the ropes or give tips.

So it’s just a case of more ass than class. And YouTube. 

Here’s something that I did teach myself though. Wrap a chain around a pole and pull it out the ground. About fifteen years ago I learned what a timber hitch was and because it was so simple, it stuck in my mind. This was a variation of that. No knots required.

And bazinga, it’s done. I removed 120 feet of fence in a day and it cost me 2kgs in sweat, a sunburn and a lot of sore muscle 😃

More rotten fence and posts coming down and out rspectively .

That’s a good sized steel rake there for size scale.

And only one section to go.


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