Canada Day Weekend Funday (Part 1)

GTF Funday.jpg

We spent as lazy a day as possible lounging about, talking, discussing, planning, eating, sleeping and generally recuperating before we decided to go outside for some fresh air. The cooler weather today was fabulous and even as an African, I was getting tired of the constant sun (concerns about grass/ new clover growth were on my mind).

I also wanted to show Jill our wildflower field that she hadn’t seen in Pasture 6, and so off we went. Here are some photos that show our impromptu journey.


GTF Funday (1)

Passing through the temporary pastures set up by the owner of the cows (our Mennonite neighbour) has been a semi tense experience. Jill is still getting the hang of the cows and learning to loosen the electric fence with bare hands, push it down with her feet and let the tractor roll over it. No – there really are no shocks if you’re wearing rubber shoes.


GTF Funday (2)

I wanted to stop and take a photo at this very old stump that was chopped down by the previous landowner (likely after a big wind storm toppled the tree). Out of the base, there is a new pine growing.

I loved the thought of new and old – just like our children are the new life blood of this farm.


GTF Funday (3)

Its fun watching children – they literally are the best subjects to photograph.






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