Water and BBQ’s

I also had a spare diesel tank, similarly sized at around 100 gallons.

Drew a flat line with the help of a laser level, then proceeded to cut in half with two small MasterCraft 4″grinders. I say two, because it appears I burnt one out doing this rather large job.

I then needed to clean out any diesel remnants. This tank had rusted open two holes in the bottom and hadn’t been used in 30+ years. After learning from the pro’s, it seemed that intense heat would be the cleansing ticket I needed.

I burned six trees recently cut down in fencing operations to do the job. The heat was so intense it burned out a magnesium/ aluminum plug into nothingness.

I picked it up this morning after leaving it to burn all night, and it was still smouldering. No rust left on the inside and looks like fresh metal. A good intense pressure wash next and one half is ready for cow water needs and the other for bbq ing.


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