Tri-bog sweaty sock and 13000 litres

Having 48 thirsty mouths (5 animals have been taken home for various reasons) pointed in your direction will motivate you strongly.

After going to bed exhausted at ten p.m. With no more solutions in site in the dark, I rose at 4am to work on how to get these beasts water. I wrote a plan out on Apple’s messaging system in bed because that’s where I get my clarity. Jumped into filthy clothes and set of for our two acre cranberry bog. Cut the fence open, and walked it to see if the cows could get water.

After that, I drove old Barney to the three wells feeding the house, barn and fields to inspect them for the first time since being here. Long story short: > 1′ water left. It’s been a very dry season.

Then drove over to the marshy swamp and found quite a bit of water under the matted roots of the plants. It was like walking on a massive water bed. Of course, I had to sink through the support and get some nice smelling water in me gum boots.

Tried to get the stand alone Kubota water pump started and got it to run twice, but it’s in bad shape.

Then the neighbor came over and suggested a generator, sump pump and the river bordering our property at the bottom. I jumped at the chance.

He uses the sump pump to pump…. honey…. into 1000 litre portable tanks for his honey $$$ business so we loaded up the equipment and this is how I spent the rest of the day.

Not only did I fill up the barn well, but my spare tank for the first time and any large container I could find.

That’s full my friend!

This is how 1000 litres at a time fills the well. She takes approximately 15000 litres of her own, from top to bottom.

P.s.: The cows drank 1000 litres in one sitting they were so thirsty. Blew my mind.


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