And to us..

our first farm animal is born. A healthy bull calf.

At nine at night, I heard Menno the neighbor driving urgently around the main gate to the pastures. Next thing I know, I hear a second car. I was in bed, natch.

Grumbling loudly, I threw on a tee shirt and went to investigate. Menno, his wife and George were there. I greeted then all gruffly and they motioned to the cow with a pair of hooves sticking out her rear.

Fun time! George wrapped a rope around the hooves and I helped tie it to their pickup truck under his urging. He called, I acted as hand signaller and Menno reversed with rope attached. The cow was in my head gear rig already which kept her in place. She bellowed, which I really really felt for her. 

The truck strained some, and then the calf popped out. There were concerns it might be dead because it had been sticking in that position for some time’s

But no fear! Chestnut was born healthy to his inexperienced mum and I spent the next two hours guiding his mom back to him because she pretty much left him alone. 

The next morning it was clear they had bonded and all was well. George brought a bag of collostrum and we feed it to the youngster the next day. She and the calf had injections and Menno brought hay. We brought the kids to get a peak and I took photos Adi as to minimise disturbance.

That calf is healthy as a horse(?) and runs around like he’s the new kid on the block. Wait a minute..


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