Words, sweaty foul armpits and stinking doped up hippies


Not at all what I thought would stand for, what it meant. I’m not a hippie lover because of the afore titled mentions and I often think there’s a lot of boo baa going around in a lot of doped up thick minds when it comes to left wing policies on a bunch of topics on earth.

Permaculture was one of them. Past tense, because thats what I used to think. One might think I’m a stinking hippie at heart too, with daughters named Skye, Eden and Storm. And one might be forgiven for that absolutely.

But I’m not. And as I’ve become educated in things farm-ey, I’ve begun to learn that not all preconceived notions or even reasonable assumptions of things that may be, are true.Permaculture is one of those.

Permanent Agriculture uses a lot of things that I have believed in since being a boy, and is quite frankly quite brilliant. Of course there are a lot of minds out there who bring their own slant to it. Its good to experiment and learn. But a few who had the guidance (unlike me) or courage to follow their hearts and who have practiced this stuff their whole lives are like a kindred spirit for me. Looking at you, Sepp Holzer and Geoff Lawton.

Its my new (old) direction for me at the farm. And I haven’t been happier doing day to day earth activities that make sense since being a boy, close to African nature. I’m blessed.


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