Remembering good times

It was my daughters 3rd birthday. Jill and I worked on the decorating of the rooms the night before just after the girls went to bed, and we were pretty chuffed with how it looked. Jill worked up a storm with creating Skye’s cake and extra’s. She’s a star.


Skye comes down the stairs in the morning, but its Eden who notices something’s different


This leads to wide eyed wonder and more than a few jumps to try and grab the paper tape hanging down from the door frame.


Eden sees a new game on the wall, and is literally shaking from excitement


Skye might be literally jumping for joy


Eden’s face…she’s so unaffected and pure


Our darling birthday girl, Skye. We love you without measure my beautiful girl


A tired, but joyful Mommy. You did a great job Jill!


Jill made kitty ears for the girls and herself, and a lion mane for Daddy. Thats my beautiful family, while Storm sleeps…


hehe, that face!


Jill made Skye her own blanket and I think you might say Skye is pretty stoked!


My beautiful Eden thinks its pretty fantastic too 🙂


Storm awakes and promptly receives her kitty ears. Hi my beautiful!


Daddy helps Skye figure out her new puzzle. A rare photo for me, I’m usually behind the lens



Thats not where the ribbon goes!


Time to catch up with cousins in Victoria


Skye had asked for a kitty cake for a long time, and boyo, did Jill deliver!


Now, what three year old doesn’t love her some Hello Kitty?


A pretty terrific third birthday, all the way back in July. I just want to say that I have the most beautiful family in the world. I love you to the moon and back…..and back… and back…




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