And its all come to an end…

On September 20, my ex fiance took my our children and left the farm without my knowing about it. She wanted a separation and whilst I was out in the field planting Willow trees she left on the auspices of going to the Doctor with the girls. She woke up the girls early from their midday nap and Skye our eldest came crying and lay on my chest for comfort. Eden came to say goodbye to me at Jill’s behest and seemed happy, and looking forward to the outing. Storm was just fine too. They left for the Doctor.

I had no clue what was coming next. A Doctor visit (who practices

Was Jillian involved in an accident? Are they hurt? Did they get carjacked??? I called Jill and I got VM. Even worse. I texted and texted and called and called. After 30minutes I got a call from Jillian telling me she wasnt coming back.

My heart shattered in a trillion pieces.


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