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4 years ago today.

Well, 4 years ago, two days ago.


I cooked breakfast and decided to be creative. Here’s a bundle of delicious goodness.


We went looking at property in the foot hills just before the Rockies. It was a quick hour or so destination from Calgary and so we jumped in the Jeep and set off. I had done extremely well in my trading in 2012 (I calculated 2413% ROI in the year as per official documents) and I thought I might be able to afford something better for us. There were several building lots and some houses for sale that were all situated on a large ranch – but individually owned.


We drove up to the top (4×4 required my friend) and had a great time exploring, and seeing the views. I felt genuine peace up there, just surrounded by nature in some of the areas – with certain areas showing no view of human activity. Bliss. Jillian seemed happy here too, and Skye was rewarded us with a terrific smile.


The shared Ranch area was quite incredible. Paddocks, a large central “clubhouse/barn” decked out with pretty much every luxury you could possibly need, and interestingly enough it turned out that Jillian’s ex boss owned the house shown just above the horses head (one of several he owned). This was Skye’s first view and experience with a horse.

4 Years




Three years ago today.

As I awake from yet another dream about my ex and all that is wrong about it (and the dreams I have that she has started relations with another man/ men/ woman – on average 1 – 5 dreams a week for months now), I wake to start work on an early Sunday morning at 430am. Today, it turns out is DST, which makes it 530am – so maybe not so bad 🙂

This is what I was doing with  my family three years ago today Goooooogle tells me. Crossed 5 States in one day, towing that massive too heavy trailer across America. My road train of 53ft crossed from….

Wisconsin into Illinois through Chicago – really crappy in rush hour traffic with idiot drivers)

From Illinois into to Indiana

From Indiana into to Ohio

From Ohio into Pennsylvania.

In Winter, often with ice and snow on the ground. I was getting 1.5kilometres to the litre towing that mass, and blew several tyres on the trailer (special heavy load rated E tires natch). The Toyota 5.7Litre V8 would pull that train up hills at 120km/h (legal speed in some areas of the states) if I didnt watch it, and I learned very quickly that despite the zero C temperatures, I would blow the tires in under 1 minutes time when I crossed that speed barrier due to heat/ delamination/ etc.

Here’s some pics. I miss my family.

Eden, Jillian and I outside a mall where I spotted a restaurant I worked at in the States way back in 2001.

Travel 2

Destination Lake Erie, Penn.

Travel 4

Eden and Jill. My Eden sure looks like a typical Horn child here. Eden has traditionally been a Mama’s girl. Jill looks genuinely happy here.

Travel 6

Welcome to Ohio. We have great weather in March.

Travel 7

Some famous names en route that I’ve always heard of.

Travel 8

Navigating a mall with a 53ft road train is always a challenge. By design we were in America which has everything bigger. Here’s the beast looking somewhat level despite the load.

Travel 9

Inside the PF Changs restaurant. I worked in the Houston part of this chain.

Travel 10

Ruby my dog looking a little unhappy. Despite the capacious Toyota rear accomodations for passengers (the rear seats reclined for goodness sakes), she was cooped up like the rest of us in the heated environment of the cab. Ruby is the dog my lovely ex Jillian kept from me, under the allegation of abuse and neglect, and currently the subject of a court case that I felt no option but to pursue in order to get her back. Its only been 6 months of waiting, evidence gathering and having Ruby live with Jillian’s sister who claims my dog as her own to my face.

Travel 11

Skye looking equally unhappy. Skye started off with straight hair and now carries a mass of curls a la Eggberry children. She’s traditionally a Daddy’s girl. Skye cries with me every single time she visits now – three times a week, that she wants to live with me only.

Travel 13

Indian custom plate during that day of travels.

Travel 16

Offramp to Chicago. This was dreadful. Low visibility, and just truly awful roads with deep potholes and ongoing roadworks in a twisty convuluted roadworks. I couldnt believe the trash, garbage and detritus of the areas we drove. There was no sign of the immense wealth that the CBOT would host in the area.

Travel 17

Jill took this terrific picture which shows welcome to Indiana (I think)

Travel 18

Our road often looked like this. It was white knuckle stuff trying to keep road speeds up knowing our braking speed was always going to be extremely poor for a variety of reasons. Thankfully, the industry leading outsized 4 pot brake discs on the Tundra won the day.

Travel 19

I had stressed the road levelling and integrated sway bar kit on the trailer to its absolute max with the 2″ thick steel trailing arms bent upwards in stress. I’ll admit – I drove the entire way thinking it might snap in the cold and with the enormous weight on it. Every night, I would undo it to try and lengthen its life, hoping it would keep us until our final destination wherever that would be. It did.

Travel 22

Welcome to Pennsylvania. That was me taking this pic I believe. Reflective signs in the dark, plus speed isn’t easy.


Me inside PFChangs for take out. Old times. The food didnt taste anywhere near as good as it did. Either Jillians cooking spoiled me, or the quality of the food wasn’t kept up through the years.


Lake Huron.


Three epic quotes.

“So being ugly is a sin? Some people are forced to wear it on the outside through no fault of their own, others wear it on the inside by choice.”

“Crisis doesnt make heroes. Crisis reveals who you were before it happened.”
“The moment champions no longer carry themselves like champions, they are no longer champions, and carry no championship belts.

Skye at Strong Start today…

And a playground visit on the school grounds while recess was in full swing to get (all my girls) acquainted with boisterous kids with the comfort of having their Dad there for them if it all got overwhelming (which happened). See Skye run around having fun. Its a virtual miracle she’s this way because at her first visit (two visits ago), she was absolutely overwhelmed with the number of children just present at the school, and begged me in tears to take her home. I had to pick her up and carry her (super rare), and hold her continously for… one hour while she hid her face in my arm pits refusing to look at anybody, shaking her little body like it was -40degC. She stayed that way until she internalised my comfort at being there, as her own. She then blossomed into the second hour and third and by the end of the visit asked to come back. I’m so very proud of her!