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Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

Thank you Winston Churchill for that life guiding quote.

Poignant for me: just finished watching the movie “In the Darkest Hour” and its rousing to say the least.

Timing perfect because for me it speaks to upcoming events: the struggle or fight to continue being my daughters father against the most abnormal of foes – their Mother; the continuing mission of building up resources to successfully provide for my children until they are adults; fighting for a place to live, a place to call home, and a place to feel at peace on this planet Earth in all of its aspects and lastly – to walk boldly in a way that encourages my children to follow their own paths whatever they may be.

Thanks Winston.

Results and change of strategy

Results May 4 -> June 10: 107.5kg’s down to 95kg’s (likely 94.5 due to significant elimination straight after weighing).  Loss of 12.5kg’s or 27.5pounds in 37 days or 11.5% total body weight lost.

Pretty happy with that, considering my weight plateau lasting 20 days before implementing fat fast which continued the rapid results. Cherry picking, I could say I lost 27.5 pounds in 17 days, which sounds far more remarkable.

Next experiment: Alternate day fasting. ie: eat 4 days a week.

Why: ?

Practical: I have lots of meat and berries cumulatively bought over 7 months on super sales (50% off +) that I need to eat up as the house is on the market, and freezer might be sold soon. The Keto diet severely limited protein intake favouring a 70-85% fat ratio.

Medical: Autophagy, cancer, skin and internals. I am curious to see whether it will help my body repair the damage I’ve willing dealt it over 4 decades.

Fat loss: I am curious to see whether the combination of restricted calorie eating with perhaps TMAD will continue to reduce my considerable fat reserves. 12.5 down – 15 to go.

June 10: “Refeed” – large bowl of blueberries and whipping cream, 100grams bacon, 2 tablespoons nutritional yeast for the B vit’s, the largest salad (organic kale and spinach, pickles, sour cream, home made olive oil mayo, home made ACV vinegarette w/ spices, one avo, bell pepper, cauliflower, broccoli) I’ve ever eaten – enough for 3-4 people at a restaurant. Also, two racks of ribs (I home made dry run spices (!) and sauce (!) and cooked it in the Instapot. OMGoodness me. Probably the best ribs I’ve ever eaten outside of a sugar laden sauce (they do win imo)



TMad, Omad, HIIT…0. Fat Fast -> results.

June 3 – 4: 97.6 – 98kg’s – Frustrated with a 2 week plateau. Did a couple HIIT sessions. Ate Potassium (Cream of Tartar), pretty constipated – very effective. Poops are 1-5 on the Bristol scale.

Did TMAD (12:12 and 18:6) to negate homeostasis. HIIT for lower and upper body June 4 and tried a pretty basic fat fast at 82% fat, 13% protein, 5% carbs. Will see if effective on scale.

Not counted is the BigAssSalad I ate: 7 cups organic baby spinach, 1/4 red pepper, 1 pickle, 1/5th cauliflower, 1 or 2 broccoli heads (w/ 2 hardboiled eggs, a olive oil/acv vinaigrette, 2tsp melted butter) . Those veggie carbs are all low, made lower by the fibre. We’ll see. Stomach super full.  Intended OMAD but stomach at capacity. Ate over couple hours.

June 5 – 97.6kg’s – stuck there. 77% fat, 19% Protein, 4% carbs. Big Ass Salad – no carbs counted. Enjoying greens a LOT more these days. 1550 cals. Eating spread over 2hrs, because kids and duties. Hungry at night, could easily do with some pecans fried up in butter and pink salt…. yum. Low on fat today, so not a fat fast. 1600 calories ingested. I have a 2150-2400 calorie BMR (depending on calculation used)

June 6 – 98.0 kg’s. Nothing better than seeing the scale rise when trying to lose weight. Therefore, today is official fat fast go time. 1010 calories, 88% fat, protein 9%, total carb 3%. Bringing out the big guns.  Under 10 grams carbs. Exercise – 44 mins of walking with some running (!) and then 40 flips of a 5′ plus heavy earth grader style tyre I found in the bush in between the train tracks. Mofo was full of water initially… adding to the weight. The mosquitoes loved my presence. Ending the day at 98.0kg’s despite a lot more water ingestion than usual. Tomorrow a new yearly low?

June 7 – 97.0kg’s – new yearly low. Broke a three week plateau in one day.  The original “keto flu” symptoms were there again – brief headache, tons of #1, unquenchable thirst, hot body flashes. No additional exercise. Considering 100% fat today – 8tbsp coconut oil. But had extremely little sleep last night – up once every hour on an alarm. Have girls today so need energy and focus. So hungry.  Ok, I failed at 100% fat. 1165 calories: 88% fat, 11% protein, 1% total carbs (2.35 carbs). 3 tbsp coconut oil, one can tuna, 5 tbs home made mayonnaise, one medium spring onion. Exhausted, been up for basically 43hrs. Took one spoon of Epsom Salts, ACV, Lemon mix. No result

June 8 – 96.4kg’s. Its working, more slowly, although I am backed up again. I am hungry, dreaming of salads and dressing (huh?!) and home made potato fries (huh?!). Epsom drink again. Still no action. 89% fat, 9% protein, 2% total carbs at 6.5g. 1155 calories. No additional exercise. Pretty hungry. Dreaming of finishing a rack of ribs or something. Weight confirmed on a medical scale. Still weighed 96.4kg at 5pm. My dream is to crack the big 95kg then eat a whole lotta food that I’ve been desiring and put back weight. Silly isn’t it?

June 9 – 95.7kg’s. I’m losing 0.6 – 1kg’s (1.3-2.2 #) a day which leaves me in a conundrum. Continue the fat fast (FF) to reach my 95kg goal weight or resume regular keto eating/ OMAD? The FF efficacy means that I can drop the weight successfully any time I want, showing that my body is fat adapted, or living off ketones. Whats the rush? The jiggles around my back fat (back love handles) are severely reduced in three days. I hate those, underscoring my drive to drop to 80kg’s long term. The charley horse I got could be the deciding factor though. Surprisingly, I am not hungry today. Not exhausted either, after a full nights rest.  Decision: one more day FF. 90% fat, 8% protein, 2% carbs, 1084 calories, 5grams carbs.

June 10: 95.2kgs. Although it misses the 95.0 marker, who cares. Successful 2.8kgs of fat lost in 4 days. Onto the next experiment, because I want to see what works the easiest for me.



Tmad and Omad, 31May, 1+2 June

31 May – Tmad = two meals in 8hrs plus two scoops of chilled butter/peanut butter mix w/ pecans.

Scale = .2-.4kgs up – scale wonky.

1June – Omad – 10 cups of salad (organic aragula, olives, parsley, basil, 2tsp lemon juice, a bit of home made dressing (olive oil/ acv/w herbs), one pickle chopped,tasty.

Four hardboiled eggs (took me the full hour to down them all), and 150 grams of mozarella chips (400degC cut cheese pieces w/ cayenne sprinkling on them – delish!)

Could not even begin to eat the piece of meat I had prepared. So full. Bit hungry at 9pm after a 3km bush walk with Ruby. I’ll have to have patience and willpower until midday tomorrow. Goal today was to reduce fat intake so ketones can burn body fat rather than ingested fat and still keep proteins moderate and carbs under 10grams (non veg)

Result: scale at night after 3-4litres water only up .5kgs for day. Good stuff.

2June – 97.6kgs on wake. Yay, slightly lower low.

Busy day, hike to Goldstream water fall with girls and friends, and then up to the Falls with the girls and friends and then down for a bbq with the girls and friends. Lol! Fun times, so much energy expended, and end of the day was a shit show literally – my youngest pissed the bed, then pooped a mountain worth during dinner, and etc. Anyway. Food: sizeable steak (not great quality), BAS salad (could only finish half), a bit of cream in hot water, 6 slices marble cheese with cayenne on them. Couldnt finish. Too much protein up front perhaps. Hungry now at 830pm. No sleep today, exhausted tonight.

Water ingestion good, but need more. Good discipline for me today to say no to lunch with kids and friends, and the fresh Mennonite carrot muffins offered…would have been tasty, but also screwed up my diet plan for 3 days. Not worth it at the moment.


May 31: Rebellion

Woke up this morning at 4am and thought the scale would be much lower. Some persistent runs yesterday from too much potassium ingestion must have helped me break the 97.8kg barrier right?

Wrong. Scale stuck there. I broke my now regular 23 hour fast at 22hours because I felt weak, demotivated and let down.

Watching some videos on how to break the wall werent really helpful. I had scheduled HIIT running (fun) with the girls, drove to the venue but cancelled when I felt so shitty.

In the afternoon, I got some good news and decided to have a second meal of the day, including some carbs (berries of all kinds, whipped cream). Hence, today I have had three smaller meals in a 8hour time frame. Not too bad, but I felt like saying SOD IT.

I feel shite though from doing it. Feel ill, too full, even though the quantity isn’t much. I think its the insulin response to carb ingestion thats doing it. I might even have a sip of the remaining two sips of my Hanepoort Jerepigo thats left from Cape Town.

The next sip will come when my children resume sleeping under my roof.

Omad + Keto month end review.

26 days later, whats happened?

9.8kgs or 21.5 pounds lost.

Many $$$ saved. So much time saved not cooking/ prepping/ washing up.

Sleep requirements dramatically reduced, mental acuity increased.

Emotional stability increased, fitness level strongly increased.

Can cut my toe nails without my belly getting in the way.

Flatulence strongly reduced, odour 99% removed.

Some constipation, some headaches, some stomach pain while adapting.

Joint pain gone. More zest for getting outside.

Personal health concern greatly increased. Health knowledge greatly increased.

Clothes fit so much better.

Autophagy engaged.


But recently, the scale has largely stopped moving down and theres lots of fat to lose. To address that, today I added a personal HIIT routine (4 sets of 70seconds, with 5mins rest between) to the mix for upper body on a 22hr fasted stomach. Hopefully I’ll see some movement downwards on the scale again or visible fat reduction in the next few days.

(10x pushups, 10 crunches, 10 rows w/ 20kg compressor each arm, 10 upright rows w/ compressor no break as quickly but with good form as possible. Will add 10 bicep hammer curls with kitchen table as weight when I am stronger). On children days, I’ll do HIIT sprints on the BMX track while they’re strapped in the stroller (incredible fun) or do long walks. Also use their body weight as weights while throwing them up/ bench pressing as they always ask me to do that.