Cognitive dissonance in raising daughters vs culture

I’m in a sticky mess, ripe for review. I was raised in a paternalistic culture, been influenced by a Christian culture, living for nearly a decade in a maternalistic culture and now have an ex who believes I’m a misogynist and danger to my three beautiful daughters who has the automatic bias of a near gynocentric court system on her side. Its just wonderful.

Raising children solo is the loss of every dream I had since a boy. Thats devastating on its own. Raising daughters without a son is also a hope severely dashed. I’m not sure of the future of course and the infinite possibilities it brings, but I never dreamed of having children by different women. Many of my dreams have failed to date.

As I continue counselling, I discussed something pertinent on my mind this week. How I am raising daughters. Here’s the weird rub: since separation, I have changed many of my base ideas on relationships and its afforded me the opportunity to dissect every part of my own thinking that I thought was in for good. As I do that, I also look at the way I raise my daughters now and how my thoughts surrounding that have been forced to change. Truthfully, I am not sure how I would raise my daughters if I had a son too – perhaps differently. But I do know that I am raising them to have the same principles and thought patterns I currently have for myself.

That they are just as good as anybody else in the world. That they are just as important as anybody else in the world. That they can do anything they put their mind to. That they are equals and nobody’s servant. That they must learn to respect themselves (modelled by me of course and hopefully by other key adults in their lives), and when treated below that respect line, to stand up for themselves. Protect themselves, develop wisdom in addition to knowledge and look after each other. Love openly but always protect themselves. To not be fooled easily, and to make sure that they walk in integrity within themselves.

When asked how I would see them having relationships in future, well that was easy – because I had already thought of that. All of the above.

Thanks to my experiences in the last couple years, its entirely true that I could easily (and for good bloody reason) hate women for the rest of my life – but that’s a poor and short sighted reaction to emotional pain. I also have daughters to raise who deserve so much better than some lazy, reactive poorly thought out parental issues set of values foisted upon them. There’s the silver lining in this destructive cloud – through being forced to examine everything, I feel that I’ve become/ becoming a better Dad all around. And my four member family unit will all benefit as a result.



Day 23 – 21# down

May 26 – water, stinging nettle tea and acv/pink salt hot drinks fast. No food.

May 27 – 97.8kg.  23 days = 9.7kgs / 21.3pounds lost. Feels so good. Didnt realise it would be this “easy” to lose weight. Easy after adjusting to the keto flu and weird insulin rushes. This week I have slacked off exercise, tried to get more sleep (less cortisol) and tried to stay away from stressors. The scale didnt budge as quickly as I was used to, so I gave my body the meal it should crave (body fat) by fasting for 48hrs. After eating OMAD for a while, its not hard.

After much youtube viewing (thanks researchers and Dr’s), I’ve learned that all of weight loss is not about food, but about insulin. Thats why you see some thin people eat like rhinos and still remain skinny. A fat person could try lose weight by calorie restriction and have poor results. Turns out, fat gain is *ALL* about insulin. Without insulin you can’t get fat. Key is to reduce insulin. Turns out, fat people have3-6x higher resting fasted insulin rates than skinny people and have 3-6x higher insulin rates after eating *the exact same food and the exact same portions*. Have to train the body to reduce insulin response and then it melts off. How do you do that? Start by skipping a main meal every day and zero snacking/ food ingestion of any kind in between meals (including milk/cream in coffee/tea). That would put you in the 16:8 window. When you get more willpower, then go to 20:4 and eventually give OMAD a shot. Sometimes thats uncomfortable. Amhik.

Hunger is controlled by the hormone ghrelin and it comes in very predictable waves found on the circadian rhythm body clock. Which you can alter by the way, by practice. Its pretty simple: hunger (ghrelin) is pushed in waves at certain times of days. Its not without co-incidence that the biggest pushes are at 8am/12pm/ 6pm for most modern people. The body has been trained through societal pressures to eat the biggest meals at those times. Man 200 years ago didnt have these pressures and ghrelin would have been experienced differently. Sugars (carbs) push insulin, which pushes fat.

But if you control insulin you could essentially eat anything and not get fat. Thats why the Far East doesnt suffer from obesity like the West. They eat less often than the average NA (6x a day on average it turns out) and thus the insulin pushes are less, therefore less fat. But thanks to internet and media culture, the Far East is changing and obesity is climbing. It feels so good to finally understand this basic principle of how the body works. Whats infuriating is that most of this understanding has been out there for nearly a 100 years. It all started with studies on how to reduce/ eliminate seizures in children and adults. The diet industry and the interest groups in the USA who wanted to profit from selling services and products could have put this info out there decades ago but then they would have little to sell. Hence all the exercise gadgets, weight loss programs, special foods (hell, even the ketone additive industry) and etc. Instead of helping people they’ve hurt them and this is unforgiveable.

Losing a pound a day on average for the last 3 weeks (and I could have easily made that higher it turns out) has taught me how to use the body’s natural abilities to combat uncomfortable living. When I walk around now, I see a lot of obese people and I no longer judge them. I just see possibilities that with the right education they could be living much healthier lives and therefore more enjoyable. I enjoyed eating bags (!) of chips and up to 400grams of chocolate in one sitting as much as anyone. A nurse warned me when I was 16 that I was heading for diabetes because this is a choice I enjoyed since my Mom divorced my Dad (and therefore was free to eat junk as I pleased without the threat of being beaten up). But by Gods grace I am not diabetic and my body responds beautifully to reduced insulin. In time when I reach my goal weight of 80kg’s (the same weight I was in my mid twenties) I’ll experiment with reintroducing carbs and junk on an OMAD lifestyle. Its being done by others so I’ll check back then for shits and giggles. Until then, 40pounds to go, and 1/3 is already gone in three weeks odd. This beats my P90X results (super strict adherance to the program+diet) by a country mile.

edit: I’ve just learned that my stinging nettle tea contains significant amounts of carbs – 36g/100grams. This makes sense given my lack of scale movement this week for a few days. Time to reduce that or incorporate it into my OMAD routine or dilute with ACV to mitigate the glycemic load.

edit2: 5 large free range eggs, two teaspoons black olives, 1.5tsp sun dried tomato pesto, 1cup half half, 150grams butter, two tablespoons mayo, 50grams mozzarella cheese, one large pork chop in fat (diced), one tsp fresh basil, one tsp fresh parsley, pink himalayan salts in an omelette for lunch today (break the 48hour fast). I feel absolutely stuffed in 10minutes, and finished 85% of it. Delicious. Bit high on the carbs but I have food I need to eat before it goes bad. Also, two teaspoons chilled natural peanut butter with 300grams salted butter in it with dessicated unsweetened coconut in it too. Delicious treat. So full. Maagies vol, oogies toê.

May 28: 98kgs this morning. Havent pooped in four or five days now. Somewhat hungry, much to do like counselling, Family Transitions course, visit with Fred, visit with Steve and Julia and then work all the while. Wore pants today a size down that were snug but not sore. Progress. Meal: 2 avo’s with half a brick of cream cheese, lime juice, lemon pepper, seperate dish of tuna, lemon juice, some mayo, some sour cream and mustard, cayenne pepper, green onions, parsley and basil. I know – what a combo. But both were tasty on their own and I have to eat food cos its spoiling. As a treat I heated up a cup of stinging nettle tea with a small block of creamed coconut in it stirred in. Tasty.

Weight loss over 17 days

107.5kgs -> 100.5kgs  (7 kilograms or 15.5 pounds loss)


Though I’m pleased, I am testing late in the afternoon, post meal and 2kgs of water, on a different scale. I know that scales can be very inaccurate. First test was done at 930am at Doctors office on their scale.

I don’t really care about the weight but rather how I look, feel and fit into my clothes. So far thats on the right trajectory, so I’ll look at the numbers as inspirational rather than defining.

edit: On Day 18 early in the morning: at 99.6kgs. Before break -> fast, despite drinking 1litre water, 99.4kgs.

May 22: Today, I wasn’t even remotely hungry like I was yesterday. Body is getting into the mode of ketosis; fat burning for energy machine. Feel amazing. 8kgs / 17.5pounds loss in 18 days.

May 23: Up at 2am. Still havent felt pangs of hunger sine 1030am yesterday. Must have gotten that fat:protein:carb ratio right. Also highlights to me how much eating has become psychological (emotional eating). Societal pressures of 3 squares a day etc. I really hate measuring food, so stopped that. 10.5k steps yesterday, 45minutes of harder physical activity. Considering doing a fat fast for 3 days (fat 90% of diet) to escalate fat loss. At 9am decided to ingest Epsom Salts as a laxative (havent gone in 4 days). Worked like a hot damn. Still not hungry at 25hrs fast. Weight 98.8kg’s. (19.14 pounds loss in 19 days)

May 24. Back up at 99.4 in the morning. Two meals make a difference, even if its 18:6. Didnt eat until 3pm yesterday, 12500 steps done, some heavy lifting, very tired because of 4am rise. Early rest. Had a lot of protein yesterday, but still a BAS.

May 25: 98.8 on waking. Getting crampy. Feel like I’ve lost electrolytes due to the runs/ sweat. Pink salt, ACV, lemon juice mix hot drinks x2 eased that right off. Walnuts fried in butter, one peanut fat bomb, one cup of fresh stinging nettle tea (the plant exacted revenge on my ankle and finger), a few tablespoons of natural peanut butter, three slices of meat, one head of broccoli, I think thats it. Still fully full 4hours later. Bunping 100.2kgs after the meal/ drinks ingestion

More results from Keto OMAD after 2 weeks.

Joint pain has disappeared.

Lower back pain – despite the sudden increase in exercise has not made itself known once (this is a huge change in of itself)

Rode a bike 11km’s yesterday after a good leg workout previous day.

Significantly reduced sleep needs.

Self care elevated…. emotional mindset towards self more positive.

Mental acuity increasing, clarity of thoughts, ambivalence reduced

Less jiggles (again).

Can now see 4 pack abs when flexing (up from very vague two).

Challenge to mindset of comfort eating (watched a movie last night anticipated for a week, only celebratory ingestion was four cups of hot water)

Posture improving as emotional and physical confidence returns

Stomach pains when eating three meals in one

Way more time to do stuff because cooking is 66% less now with no snacking….

Thinking about food more now; how to make interesting, surfing recipe sites

Significantly reduced food budget

Increased knowledge on nutrition and body responses

Drinking 3-4litres of water minimum a day.

Pooping significantly reduced for the now.

Completely odourless farts.

Formulated an eventual weight loss goal of 60pounds of lard



Carnivore -> Keto -> IF -> OMAD

Though I haven;t seen a scale since I started, I was able to put on a shirt today that I couldnt two weeks ago cos it was too tight under my arms. A good sign.

I’m a bit of a tunnel vision dude which is both positive and negative. When I set sights on something I honestly hit it hard no matter the cost to me (goal is the only thing really), and usually I find its not all what its cracked up to be in a while.

This is like that, but with undeniable results. As I go harder and harder, and my fitness starts to increase and increase, I’m finding my need to sleep is disappearing at a rapid rate. Maybe had 4.5hrs last night and although I did feel tired this morning, I didnt need to have a nap today at all. Amazing.

Energy is significantly higher, and my fitness has easily doubled in two weeks.

As the title mentions, I am moving to OMAD. After doing the research and seeing how many people live this way with no muscle loss at all, it blows away all conventional dietary advice I’ve been fed for decades.

I’m keen to take it to the next level because I’m seeing differences everywhere. Energy. Interest. Confidence. Easy Breathing. Less jiggles. Clothing getting looser. Less Sleep needed. Interests rebuilding. Etc.

And so OMAD – one meal a day. I’m into Keto for life now I think. If I look at a bag of well marketed (colour, ads, presentation, noise), I salivate. And then I think about how I feel after I have eaten it and I feel physically ill. That makes me want to eat healthier and healthier. I crave veggies now – particularly spinach and stinging nettles. I feel good about that.

In the past I would dutifully educate my daughters on why veg are important, demonstrate by eating it in front of them with somewhat fake gusto and then never eat it when they were not here. Now, I genuinely like the taste.

I know. Its 13 days. But boyo, I feel better for it. I learned today that the hunger pains I am feeling is because I’m not eating enough. OK.

Its exciting to know that I can sit down and eat 2000 calories in one meal and literally stuff my face. And the other 23hours of the day my insulin will drop fairly quickly and then resume burning fats and ketones for energy. I’m in. All in.

Keto + IF observations

Fourth day on IF, 12th day on carnivore/ keto. Weaned myself off all regular tea and all coffee prior to starting this dietary intake.

Interim results:

a) Noticed today that my body jiggle when I walk has decreased by at least 1/2.

b) My farts are odourless. On a regular diet they reeked of imminent death.

c) My poops are 5% of the odour of a regular diet. Near odourless and considerably less in volume.

d) No more bleeding in poop. (Hem’s).

e) Sleep less

f) Think about food more.

g) Fridge remains full for much much longer.

h) Feel stronger.

i) More interested in exercise.

j) On IF, my tummy grumbles from hunger in the morning. Decreases after an hour or two. I know I am on a goal, so its ok. When I break the 16hr fast, my tummy hurts because I eat too quickly.

k) I missed my cream and hot water (tea subsitute) initially, but I am getting over it.

l) I feel more confident.

j) My moobs are disappearing quickly.

k) Drink a helluva lot of water and pee even more often.

l) Can clearly see my rib cage around my top 2 abs, intercostals and the 2 abs themselves without flexing at all.

m) Calves and quads are quickly becoming defined.

n) Feel hot flushes every now and then (completely new to me), which to me is a sign of ketosis.

o) Somewhere around 2000-2500cals a day.

Fro’back Friday May 11, 2013

Five years ago, the mother of my children gave me a thoughtful birthday gift – a day fishing with an expert fly fisherman and lessons. We were given an address (or GPS co-ords) and it was an hours drive out of the city. I have always been blessed that if I wet a line, I get a fish. Sea or fresh.

Here are some memories as prompted to me by a reminder.

Driving down to the Bow River in Alberta
Ze Parking Lot
Fly casting lessons
The only man to catch a fish that day – me and my fro. Take that Mr Expert! (he really is though)

7 + 10 years ago.

May 3, 2011. I was taken out for a surprise eggs benny brekfast by a girl I had met that morning at a fancy restaurant downtown. On the way back afterwards, we spotted this car loaded with family bikes and cute kids bikes. I had to take a pic cos I had dreamed of becoming a father my entire life.


10 years ago riding my 100HP 410# bike with a passenger in the dunes just outside Cape Town. Total weight around 825# with tools, gear, gas, et al.

Atlantis3 (1).jpg

Saw a South African acquaintance at the local Starbucks that  same day, and she was reading this book. I thought it was the most idiotic thing ever. Still do.

IMG_5904 (1).jpg

Carnivore vs Keto. Updated daily at end.

I’ve learned that some of the things I consider to be absolute gold, start to dull in the next day or so after having some extra time to process and ruminate. One of those ideas was going to carnivore straight out of the gate from a high carb, hight fat diet (ie: perfect fat gathering storm).

A line I happily glossed across was how going carnivore doesnt necessarily mean you’re going to lose excess body fat (which I currently have ample of). Because of the human bodies wonderful ability to adapt, our bodies convert the excess protein via a process called gluconeogenesis into essentially carbs. You don’t have to eat any carbs to live and live well, but your body sure as hell needs carbs to function – hence the process of conversion.

Because my desire is to significantly reduce fat without too much work (the lazy, but perhaps smart way to start imo) and without too much pain (fasting, stomach cramps, low energy etc), I read more and decided to switch to a ketogenic diet for the first while (ultra low carb). Its quite easy but not as easy as with a carnivore diet of course. The goal is around 75% fat, 20-25% protein, 0-5% carb.

That means keeping carb intake under 20grams a day, and voila, the body should start ketosis very quickly after wiping out the natural 2 days worth of stored glucose. In my case, it might be 3 – lol!

And boyo, it hit hard. I’ve done some hard farm work in the last couple days which depletes the glucose levels more quickly (without replacing them) and with a total carb intake under an estimated 10grams for two days so far, the carb/ keto “flu” has hit me hard.

Diarrhea, confusion, brain fog, exhaustion, stomach cramps, nausea. It’s mostly standard procedure and I’ve been here before – its no fun. But I look forward to rapidly diminishing tightness of my pants (I refuse to buy bigger pants), and an increased health status. I deserve it; my kids deserve it.

The carb flu. It sucks.

Here’s my food diary to try and see a pattern. Starting weight 107.5kgs. I am certain that as soon as I am in ketosis, I’ll shed excess carbs and water first, thus a quick weight loss initially.

Day 1: Fast 20hrs and then finish a bag of chips I bought for my birthday. Feeling crap afterwards.

Day 2: Eat 4 eggs (4 carbs), mayo (0 carb), pork loin all day (0 carb). Cream and hot water for drinks (total around 6 carbs)

Day 3: Eat beef “finger food”, 4 boiled eggs, a bite of pork loin, cream/hot water (4carbs total)

Day 4: 2tbs coconut oil, cream/hot water, fat from beef finger food, feeling great but lots of grumbling stomach. Then, carb flu hit hard. The runs, headache, nausea. Read about an experimenter who ate bacon for 30 days straight only (and lots of it – losing 16pounds in the process though almost double his normal calorie intake – good balance of fat/protein), and promptly ate 12 slices of bacon to get the pain away. Felt nauseous, but still not hungry at all 6hours later. Ate 2 Tums. Zero carb today.  Drank lemon juice to restore electrolytes (diy sports drink), and turns out lemons have carbs. Who knew. Total today somewhere under 15grams. Symptoms stopped after 3hours or so. 1.5 hamburger patties for late dinner.

Day 5:  1.5 burger patties, 1/4 rasher bacon, creamy water, lemon water, feeling OK, yet exhausted. Up since 2am. Exhausted mentally. Hungry only at 130pm. Energy is exceptional given how long I’ve been up on <4hrs sleep. Beef “finger food” x 1.5 and about 5 rashers of bacon for dinner. Feel queasy, nauseous, and crashing from exhaustion now after having the girls today who were super high energy with all the sugar given to them by their Mom/ Ouma. Time for bed.

Day 6: 2 rashers bacon, 2tbsp coco oil +whipp cream hot drink, 3hrs hard yardwork today, 1 stick celery (I got calf cramps again last night for the first time in a long time), 3 eggs and a few thick slices of cheese with equal butter, 2x whip cream hot drink- 1tbs each.

Day 7: Lost count and lost count on day 6. Cramps gone.

May 13: Decided to swop over and keep a tab on Fatsecret to get an idea of my macros. I’m going to go for 2000cal’s or less a day. 80/20 ratio fat/protein. Under 20grams carbs, even less net carbs. Eating Himalayan salt in water instead of cream for electrolytes replacement. Started 16: 8 IF protocol. Seasonal allergies kicked in good and proper, like clockwork it turns out. No cream in water drinks during day as it spikes insulin. Learning a lot. Drinking up to 5litres of water a day now, and I’m constantly thirsty. Did hike up Mt Baldy, maxing heart rate to 166bpm, 9bpm under so called max. Carbs 2% (14g), Protein 27%, Fat 71%. Too much protein in my opinion, but I was pretty hungry. So freaking thirsty. Feeling hot flushes as my body burns the excess fat. Feeling good otherwise, feel renewed hope. Had a fall on stinging nettles yesterday, that stuff hurts for 24hrs. Bed at 10pm, up at 3am, fell asleep at 520am, up at 630am.

May 14: No breakfast, just hot water. Stinging nettle tea today for sure to help fight off potential kidney stones and hayfever, get some natural magnesium/potassium. Somewhat tasty. One block of cream cheese, 30grams creamed coconut (YUM), 30grams butter, 6oz steak, 8 black olives, 1/3rd cup basil, 2tbsp sundried tomato pesto, 6tbsp apple cider vinegar, 1tbsp lemon juice, 1 fatbomb, one smallish avocado, 2tbsp mayo, spices, stinging nettle boiled (1/2cup) and 2cups spinach. 4litres water. I think today I easily went over 80% fat, 16% protein, 4% carbs.


May 15: Was pretty hungry today. Decided to have a helluva lot of fun, running the kids on a purpose built short downhill bike track, on the BOB stroller. Holy crow, that was fun. Certainly got my heartbeat well above 75% and got the kids exhausted, even though I was often pushing two of them at a time in there. Thanks to the suspension and large wheels, I was often times leaning at an almost 45deg angle out of the berms. So much fun.  Ate 35minutes later for the first time. 82%, 14%, 4% fat/protein/carb. For the first time tonight, I feel truly satiated. My stomach is getting used to the fasting, then full feeling. 2524cals today. I could do with less, but am exercising more for sure. Feel like the fasting is a huge time saver and my fridge feels fuller than ever. I simply dont eat as much as I used to. That might be an excellent money saver, enabling higher quality foods instead of so much. Still learning lots of about IF (I like 16:8 mostly) and thinking about OMAD. Today felt far more sustainable due to enjoyment and variety of food.

May 16-19. Last two days OMAD. Walked 9km’s with the kids yesterday (they on the big stroller, but with some walking and playing of course) and pushing up the big hills I felt exhausted. Giving the kids their morning snacks was hard, I wanted to tuck into the low glycemic index and ultra low glycemic load (1) peanuts with a vengeance! I didnt care for the fruit that much and the one treat I gave them looked sickening to me. Amazing how things change.

Started to stop counting calories. I’ve never been a diary kind of kind, and its like keeping a diary – it sucks. Yesterday had a big old AAA Angus beef steak that I bought on special of course for lunch and although it was too much protein it was nice to eat something meaty again. Because beef is so expensive here and I am so poor, I’ve almost lost the taste of beef. Higher than usual resting heart rate in the morning by 10bpm. Fitted on 36 size pair of pants (usually 38 with tightness) and although I still have visible love handles, its just over two weeks now after the last truly epic binge on my birthday and all time highest weight ever. The 36 aren’t loose either but they dont hurt. Progress.

May 20-21. Took the one big steak, divided into two for a piece each per day. Thought protein intake was too high. Broke 24hr fast 2hrs early due to hunger but also as an experiment to see if the time shift towards the mornings will be better for me. Trying to balance this with feeding the girls though, so not a simple answer. Also for invites for dinner, I’ll have to work that out. May 21 meal: 5oz steak, 4 scrambled eggs + good amount of cheese, butter and creamed cheese to up the fat content. BAS – big ass salad bowl of 10different kinds of leafy greens, with home made ACV+Olive oil base/dijon/himalayan salt/fresh cracked black pepper/lemon juice. One medium sized fat bomb (peanuts/cocoa/coconut oil), cup of herbal tea.

After eating yesterday I felt drunk – for reals. Also compelled me to lie down for two hours. Trying to combat that. Day 4 OMAD. Sometimes not easy. Looks like I dont need to buy any meat for months now. Need to find a way to up fats easily and not get bored. Pork rinds?

Time for a diet change. 107.5kgs.

Dear Kev – yes, I think I told you I weighed 110kgs. That was a best guess based on my intuition of myself, and boyo was I close. I dont own a scale, I had to go to the Doctors to get weighed (and get a tetanus shot for that dog bite on my foot)

As I’ve been contemplating the amount of food I have in my house, and the wide variety of dietary choices, I recognise its not good to waste food (my Father beat that belief into me decades ago).

The solution is children: give them what they want/ need/ normally recommended as per Standard American Diet (SAD) wisdom. I’m OK with that. Veggies, fruits, breads, sandwiches, wraps, meats, whatever. That’ll help with the reduction of food nicely.

We all know that to lose weight, your body has to provide low insulin. Either that, or burn off more than you ingest daily and depending of the intensity of it all, you’ll get there in either a short or long time.

I had this conversation 5 years ago with a school friend of mine (Catherine) who got her PhD in food sciences. She had launched her own food line back home in ZA and was tremendously successful. After following her genius intellect level husband around the world (Actuarial Scientist) they settled in London and she had gained weight. I had just come off the P90X diet and exercise program and though it was painful to the max, I dropped down to 168 pounds from a (then) high of 210 odd – with a lot of muscle, fitness and definition added.

Here was Catherine asking me for my advice even though she was the food/diet guru. Its simple, I said. Burn more than you take in. Voila.

She didnt like that one bit and our conversation ended shortly thereafter. Most folks want a shortcut and intense pain from physical exertion sucks. I get it.

And thats where I am now. I’m pretty fat, if not obese. I put my tent sized pants of 38 on now and really, I don’t give a crap most days. Tying my laces is much harder now, and I can feel my belly resting on my……. belly(?) when I sit in a chair. Hot.

Notwithstanding the jiggles when I walk, there is another element to this. Fitness and the enjoyment of my kids at this age. They want to run around a lot and sometimes I just am too tired. That sucks!

So I’m here now looking at diet. Ketosis, intermittent fasting – etc. And I recall mister world famous Lex Rooker from LA, USA.

He sent me a bag of pemmican that he made from grass fed beef for mahala 6 years ago. It wasn’t very tasty but thats not the point. He had been living on only meat for many years. Prior to that, he was extremely sick and his body (bone marrow included) was on the verge of virtual collapse. It was serious.

He had all the tests done including that which tested the “goodness” of his bones and density. I wonder what it all cost. After he got onto the meat only diet, and started to thrive, he went back to get the tests redone. It was a WORLD of difference and he was now completely healthy, fully reversing all his shit. It was so gobsmacking he was requested to be a living test case of what the eff had happened.

(I’m still tickled pink that this kind man showed me such generosity in sending me some of his own pemmican. I’m blessed).

Today for whatever reason I found some people on a carnivore diet. Yuppers, only meat. And so led a few hours of intense study (when I should have been doing something else that was urgent) and that led to my memory banks being opened about the past. A lot of things from Primal Diet to Carnivore, Ketosis, Low Carb, Zero Carb etc, all came in.

I’mma going to try Carnivore. Plus some blue berries in cream when I feel like it. No added exercise (I’m not interested no matter how much I try self motivate) and see where I am at in a few months. I might get bored, I might lose weight, I might not. I reckon with a total carb value of under 20grams a day (and so its so easy to do, no thinking required) that I’ll be in ketosis in a day or two.

Ima gonna try. I’ll say this: Day 1: I had a pack of water injected sized up bacon with loads of unhealthy chemicals (gross) for breakfast, and a few slices of  freshly Insta Potted pork loin with a bowl of berries and whipping cream and I am STILL full. No desire for chocolate, even though my dear Mom sent me a 1kg bag of M+M’s for my birthday which stares at me from the cupboard. As a hardcore chocaholic thats got to tell you something….

Lets see. There are too many articles of people recovering from just about everything (bone marrow disease to arthritis to “whatever the hell ails you”) to not try it.

And while we wait, check out this:

Scroll through and see why I say, Va Va Voom!

Dr Jordan Petersons daughters blog and what going carnivore has done for them:

More info than you can shake ten sticks at:

Someone exploring all the diets personally:

Meat Heals:

Lex Rooker:

Lex Rooker: The Unique Healing Power of an All-Raw Zero Carb Diet