Fall 2015 and Winter 2016

Fun in winter

Winter in 2016 wasn’t as heinous as we were prepared for. While we still had to learn the ropes of a new (to us) massive woodstove that could burn several 3 ft long logs at a time, and how best to provide the burdensome job of providing the fuel for that little hungry heat provider, it was all in all a good winter.


Of course, it wasn’t without its challenges. High winds with gusts well over 100km/h really were difficult to deal with – and it seemed that on our elevated position we had it worse. The winds uprooted many large, long standing trees (sad!) and I am completely amazed that the 100 year old barn didn’t come down. I guess they made them right back in the day.

This picture was taken on a sunny day, showing the barn doors with a slick sheet of ice on them. Opening the door was hard work!


The view from upstairs. Every now and then I looked outside (I was neck deep in reno’s) to find a motivating sight. This was one of them. No filter!




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